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Posted on Oct 16, 2020

DC Roofing of Arizona

How To Repair A Leaking Asphalt Shingle Roof

This is the same process as replacing a whole roof shingle. A whole shingle is 3 tabs long. The steps outlined here are the basic steps for replacing shingles. You won't need a knife or hooked blade to replace the whole shingle.

What you'll need for this asphalt shingle repair job:
3 tab shingles
Roofing Cement
Flat bar (pry bar)
Utility knife with a hooked blade
Roofing nails - 1 1/4 inch

If a tab is missing where two shingles come together, there is a hole where water can go right into the roofing underlayment and under the singles. This will eventually cause a roof leak.

You will want to use your straight bar, a clean trowel or a putty knife to slide under and gently lift or 'pop' the shingles up. This cuts through the adhesive and is the path of least resistance, so you can go right through the shingles. You'll need to pop the singles up above the one you want to take out. You will need to pull the nails out of the one above that too, so pop that one also.

Use the flat bar to lift up the nails you encounter. Put the flat end under the shingles and pop the nail up, then the pry end on top of the shingle to finish pulling the nail completely out...

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